Meet the Dragon, August 26, 2012


It is the perfect day Sunday for the NorthBreast Passage Dragonboat team to show off their paddling style and racing moves.  Thank you to Opinion 250 News and Michelle Cyr-Whiting


A Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Team from Houston Texas


A group of breast cancer survivors decided to raise both money and their spirits by holding annual races. They take place on Clear Lake near Houston Texas. This clip highlights the great strength and humor of the women. Its fun and moving.



Dragonboat Technique: DragonMax Demonstrates Smooth Stroke


We use a stroke similar to this most of the time in practice and for the first half of a 500 meter race. Because the power is smooth it is more aerobic and less stressful on the back and shoulders. It is also important to stay balanced and not contort yourself during rotation. When racing we shorten and speed up the smooth stroke somewhat and use a quicker, more feathered recovery and entry.