"Joie de Vivre"

"The Joy of Living"

This is the name of our new Dynasty Prototype dragon boat. It sums up why the team formed, why we are here and where we want to go. In 2002 with funds donated by generous sponsors we were able to purchase our own Dragon boat - The Dynasty. Our official boat launch was in June 2003 and in honour of our sponsors carries the inscription: MS. RRSP--Mastectomy Survivors Really, Really Special People; and our Motto "Joie de Vivre"

We came together with a mission to increase awareness about breast cancer in a positive way and to be a sign that life doesn't end with that diagnosis.

The team was born in the fall of 1999 the brain child of Dr. Linda Wilson who called the first meeting to determine the interest level in the concept of Northern Breast Cancer survivors forming a Dragon Boat Team. The goal was to start and mark the Millennium with our Novice races in Victoria's and Kelowna's Dragon Boat Festival. Our objective? To cross the finish line all in one boat; and we made it!