Run for the Cure - Oct 5, 2014

Hi NBP Team Members
After consulting with the Executive, I have registered us for Run for the Cure 2014 as NorthBreast Passage Dragon Boat Team, with me as the captain. The event is on October 5th 2014
We have 7 team members from last year who have qualified for a one-time free registration this year (Sharon P., Doris, Lynn, Enid, Linda, Anita E., and me.), so that means we only need 3 more people to sign up this year to make a team of 10.
These 3 people will have to raise $150 each in donations to avoid paying the $40 registration fee. This is where our whole team can help by fundraising for them. If everyone can fundraise even a little bit, we can hand over our fundraising dollars to the 3 registrants.
Once we have our 3 volunteers, we (or our friends,) can donate to them online or with a donation form. We can see who needs topping up to get to $150 and sort that out before October 5th.
The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation supports our team every year by giving us a grant of about $2000, and of course it supports breast cancer research with the funds we raise.
Please consider joining our Run for the Cure team. We only need 3 more people to make up our team. Please contact me if you would be willing to register, and I’ll give you instructions if you need them.

Host a Pink Ribbon Tea! Oct 24, 2014

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Host a Pink Ribbon Tea!

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - BC/Yukon Region invites you to host a Pink Ribbon Tea on Friday, October 24, 2014 in your home, workplace or school and fundraise for vital breast cancer research. It's fun and easy!

Each year, thousands of BC women are diagnosed with breast cancer - and it not only impacts them, but also their families, friends and loved ones.

Help create a future without breast cancer and participate in this exciting new event! Once registered, you will receive a participant kit in the mail including invitations, decorations, posters and fundraising tips to help you organize a successful tea party!

To register, please visit or contact us at for more information.

CBCF Express Newsletter - August 2014

The Surprising Truth about Your Breast Health

Women ages 25-39 are not eligible to take part in the Screening Mammography Program because the risk is low in their age group and mammograms are less effective in young women who often have dense breasts. But that doesn't mean the risk is absent in young women, so vigilance is key and knowing how your breasts normally look and feel, critical.  


Dr. Nadine Caron shares all you need to know about checking your breasts in this short video. Don't forget to check!


The surprising truth about your breast health

Meet Dr. Nadine Caron!  

Funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - BC/Yukon Region in 2012, Dr. Nadine Caron's research focuses on BC's northern communities.

Dr. Caron and a team of specialized researchers are collecting information retrospectively from previous breast cancer patients who reside in northern BC, as a result of the current scarcity of data representing this population. Currently, the majority of  information that guides decisions about treatment options for all BC women with breast cancer is curated from those residing in metropolitan areas of British Columbia.

Her research will help make recommendations for improved cancer care system improvements and policy development in the area of breast cancer care for even more Canadian women. Learn more about Dr. Caron's research.


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CBCF Express Newsletter - July 2014

Age is just a Number, but Breast Cancer Doesn't Discriminate

Breast cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths in women 20 to 40 years of age, and to date, little research has been done specifically on breast cancer in younger women.  A $5.7 million investment, which is one of the largest of its kind in Canada and around the world, will improve clinical outcomes and enhance quality of life for younger women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Read more about the Breast Cancer in Young Women program and investment.

Rupinder's Reason to Run. What's Yours?  

At 33 years old, Vancouver resident Rupinder Kang was over the moon with the addition of her daughter who was only five weeks old. She was feeling how every young mother of two kids should feel - full of hope, vitality and filled with thoughts of a long happy future with her family. Sadly, that bliss quickly changed when she found a lump while breast feeding. Read Rupinder's story


Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure 2014 -- 'Rupinder' 


Have you seen the commercial featuring Rupinder Kang and her family? Please click here to watch it.

And to register for the 2014 CIBC Run for the Cure, please visit:



Run for the Cure 2014 - Nalie's Story

CIBC Run for the Cure
Volunteer Donate Register

Your fundraising in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure are important to Nalie—learn more about why below

Nalie Agustin was only 24 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, Nalie is doing well and is preparing to once again participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure and raise funds for breast cancer research, health education, and advocacy initiatives. Nalie’s story characterizes why we raise funds for this cause and why we can’t stop now. See her inspirational story below and support Nalie by donating or getting involved with the 2014 CIBC Run for the Cure.


2014 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure
Sunday, October 5, 2014