Bake Sale - Nov 15, 2014

Saturday, November 15th, 10am to 2pm @ the Hospital Lobby
Please have your baking priced and wrapped at the Hospital Lobby between 9:00am & 9:30am for set-up. If you are unable to bring your baking please contact me and we can make other arrangements.
The last 2 have been a great success!! Thank you all for doing baking and helping out!!
For those of you not on the sheet, Please come when you can....we look really good as a Team!! and it is great exposure for our Team.
Thank you!!
See you Saturday,

Spruce Kings Event - Oct 23, 2014

Our event at the Colisseum with the Spruce Kings last night was a success!
Our cookies and free items re: breast cancer awareness were well received by the fans.
The Spruce Kings marketing person was very helpful and welcoming when I needed info to organize things.
Thank you to Doris, Laurie, Maggie, Glenys, Linda, Margo, and Diane for all the help!
Grant did a fine job out on the ice dropping the puck!
I have sent a thank you email to the Spruce Kings!

Bake Sale - Nov 15, 2014

Please mark this on your calendar
BAKE SALE at the Hospital Lobby on Saturday, Nov. 15th from 10:00am to 2:00pm.
The other 2 Bake Sales, we had a really good variety and most everything sold!
If you could bring your baking priced by 9am, Saturday morning that would be great!
If you are unable to bring your baking, please call me and we can make arrangements for it to be picked up.
If we can have at least 4 people per shift that would be great! If there is more than 4 per shift that is Awesome!!
Thanks so much for all your help!

Run for the Cure - Oct 5, 2014

Hi All
For the people who have just recently joined our NorthBreast Passage Dragon Boat Team , I’ll explain what we do for the Run for the Cure.
The minimum number of participants in a Run for the Cure team is 10. Because every Run for the Cure team member has to pay $40 registration, OR collect $150 in pledges, we don’t enter more than the minimum of 10 participants, as we don’t want to have to spread ourselves too thin. We never pay the $40 registration fee (except last year when the rules were temporarily changed) and instead we commit to raising the $150 in pledges for each of the 10 Run for the Cure participants in order to give them free registration.
The 10 Run for the Cure participants are representatives of our NorthBreast Passage Dragon Boat Team and they need help from the rest of us to make their $150 in pledges. We need to fundraise on their behalf as this is our team commitment, not just a commitment from the 10 individuals.
You can encourage friends and family to donate online or you can collect pledges using a donation form. If you didn’t already get a donation form from me, please download one by googling  “2014 Donation Form - CIBC Run for the Cure” and printing off a form.
The participants who need money first are the 4 new participants this year.
  1. Reena Thomas, - already registered
  2. Sharon Buchi    - already registered
  3. Priscilla Mitchell - already registered
  4. Anita Kashmark  - plans to register if the date works for her
The 6 participants from last year need donations too as each participant is encouraged to collect $150 or more. (These 6 have had their registration fees waived this year on a special one-time concession as they had to pay $40 each last year when the rules were temporarily changed. They all made more than $150 in pledges last year )
These 6 are
  1. Linda Martindale   - already registered  
  2. Doris Delong        - already registered  
  3. Anita Eyles,            plans to register
  4. Enid Bond             -already registered
  5. Sharon Parrett     - already registered
  6. Maggie Dunlop    – already registered
If most of us can collect pledges, we can bring them to the October 3rd meeting and distribute them to the 10  Run for the Cure participants who need them. This will be just in time for the Run for the Cure event on October 5th
This will enable our team to make a meaningful contribution to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We do receive a $2000 contribution from them to help us with NBP team expenses.
Please do your best to collect pledges. Every contribution, however small, helps accomplish our goal.

Healthier You Expo Oct 19,2014

Once again we’re going to have a booth at the Healthier You Expo on Sunday,October 19th at the Civic Centre from 10.00 – 4.00.  This is a good opportunity for us to increase awareness in the community of who we are, what we do and why. If you would like to help at the booth the attached shows times available. Thanks in advance for any help.

The guest speaker this year is Janet Podleski, Author, The Looneyspoons Collection Host, Food Network Canada’s “Eat, Shrink and Be Merry.”