Christmas Celebration

December 11 is the day.  Chez Bonnie is the place.  Time... hmmmm  6:30??  Food, fun and extra exciting tacky gift exchange. 

Dig in your closet for that thingamagig that Aunt Pearl gave you 10 years ago and you just couldn't find the right place to put it.  Dust it off, wrap it with inviting Christmas paper, and share it with the team.  Anonymity is the key though.  Wouldn't want Aunt Pearl to know that you didn't appreciate her thoughfulness.

And for a change, appetisers will be prepared by those members whose last names begin I-Z, and the desserts  (chocolate is addictive though) by  A-H members.  And those that would like to imbibe something festive (my preference is red) wine is always an option.

Please share this event with those that you think might enjoy it.  We love lend our support and welcome everyone.

If you can't make this PARTAY, please accept our warmest wishes for the Christmas Holidays and have a healthy New Year!!

Paddles Up


New Website

This is hopefully a more user friendly website for the members of The NorthBreast Passage Dragon Boat Team.  We are a non profit society dedicated to breast cancer survivors and those who support them. 

We endeavor to promote life after diagnosis with the opportunity to share the vision of Dr Donald McKenzie who started the first Dragon Boat team, Abreast in a Boat. He was determined to find out how arm lymphedema affects women with breast cancer when they exercise. "It's interesting physiology, and there are a large number of people who would benefit." The research "was embraced by the dragon-boat population, and they are carrying it forward."

Today there are International Festivals dedicated entirely to Breast Cancer teams and Peterborough, Canada is the 2010 host of the next international festival.  It should attract teams from Australia, Singapore, USA, Europe as well as numerous teams within Canada. 

This author, along with a few other paddlers from our team travelled to Brisbane Australia to share with other survivors. It was a blessed experience to attend, and an honor to meet and hear Dr Don McKenzie as he spoke.  He said that once upon a time the Big C was Cancer, but now within the dragon boat community, the Big C was now Competition!

Our team is dedicated to share his vision, and support others who may become inflicted with this disease. We participate actively to promote awareness, and welcome others who share our commitment.


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